Sometimes, after giving someone the ability to smile freely, it is hard to believe that it is the same person. Meet our patient, Akvilina. She complained about a non-aesthetic smile and chipped teeth; it was also necessary to restore the function of the molar teeth.

Performed treatment:

Digital smile design, implantation in the molar teeth area. Aesthetics and function were restored using minimal invasive non-metal ceramic restorations (laminates/linings). With modern techniques and materials, Akvilina’s teeth have become as durable and as firm as natural ones.

Patient feedback:

“The biggest challenge is to obey the natural order of things, and Dr Robertas excels at it! Wherever I am, I am accompanied by the most fantastic smile, enchanting with its natural image and providing me with even more laughter and joy in my life. The KOA Dental Clinic knows its work well, and the best indicator is the unfading smile of the patient after treatment. I have to admit that the result of the treatment has surpassed my expectations!”

The creators of the work – Doctor Robertas Baransas and Dental Technician Inga Paulauskienė.