KOA Dental Clinic innovative dental care service planning allows us to accurately assess customer expectations and calculate the exact cost of services.

Dentists pay special attention to planning: digital prints and facial and panoramic teeth photographs are made on the first visit.

An exclusive service is performed by the KOA Dental Clinic in Vilnius,  Digital Smile Design (DSD),  which helps to simulate the future outcome of the treatment. After this, a 3D model of future teeth is produced. It is transferred to the oral cavity during another visit. Only after the client has evaluated and confirmed that their new smile suits them, do the dental procedures begin.

We always evaluate the customer’s expectations, calculate the exact price, and create a treatment plan first;  only then do we start the dental procedures.

Exceptional service for you

The KOA Dental Clinic in Vilnius keeps each patient’s virtual dental models (forms) for an unlimited period of time. After losing a tooth, even after many years, we will still have the models, capturing the form of your formerly existing teeth, which we can use for repairs. This is one of the advantages of digital dentistry! Come to the KOA Dental Clinic and save your smile for life!

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