Aesthetic dental sealing

Modern aesthetic dentistry is an opportunity to help patients solve problems with their smile and aesthetic problems with their teeth, whenever teeth are damaged by caries, or are broken or cracked. In addition, it is used when a person wants to change the shape, size and colour of the teeth or to remove gaps existing between the teeth.

Due to the rising pace of life and increased stress, more and more people are suffering from abraded, sensitive teeth. Aesthetic teeth sealing helps to restore their usual length and reduce teeth sensitivity.

In frequent cases, aesthetic dental sealing is required as a final step for patients undergoing orthodontic treatment to achieve the final aesthetics and functioning of the teeth.

Aesthetic teeth sealing is a minimally invasive procedure where the hard tooth tissues are preserved, and teeth remain viable. Standard sealant material is a composite. In addition, modern composite materials make it possible to create ‘invisible’ front teeth seals, restore the natural tooth relief, taking into account the colour of the natural tooth structure and implementing layering techniques.


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