Dental implants

KOA Dental Clinic dental implants are not just simple implants. KOA dental implants are an opportunity to restore teeth aesthetics and function, recover a smile and, at the same time, boost your confidence. Every procedure in our clinic is thoroughly planned. 3D X-rays are taken, and the bone and an ideal implant position are evaluated on the computer. If necessary, a surgical guide is printed that helps to screw the implant into an ideal position. Additionally, the procedure in the KOA Dental Clinic is implemented without pain, and the patient can enjoy long-term results after  the procedure is completed.

Dantų implantai       Dantų implantai

Dental implants are little screws that replace the natural roots of the teeth. During the chirurgical stage, the implants are screwed into the bone where they then attach and heal. After that, singular crowns, a bridge or detachable prosthetics can be installed on the implant base. We use only the highest quality Swiss STRAUMANN implants at the KOA Dental Clinic – they are supplied with a life-long warranty.

Did you know that:

Dental implants should be provided with careful attention, which starts with daily oral hygiene. It is also important to know that it is recommended to go to the oral hygienist, who will professionally take care of your oral hygiene, at least twice per year and visit the dentist at least once per year to ensure that the result will remain durable.

Dantų implantai


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