Aesthetic dental prosthetics with laminates

Dental prosthesis performed by the KOA Dental Clinic is aesthetic, but most importantly it is functional. In our opinion, prosthetic teeth should look natural and should function for many years to come when maintained properly. Aesthetics without function is not durable, and  function without aesthetics does not bring joy. KOA Dental Clinic dentists choose the method and the material for each client individually. The substance  used most commonly at the KOA Dental Clinic is a non-metal ceramic material, which is biocompatible and highly aesthetic. This ceramic unifies with the tissue of the teeth and restores its firmness.

If possible, dental prosthesis in our clinic in Vilnius is carried out during one visit, with the use of the most advanced digital dental restorative system CEREC (Sirona). Doctor Robertas Baranskas is an official lecturer of the CEREC system and one of the most experienced specialists working with this technology.

Our patient, Akvilina, shows you her wonderful smile (dental prosthesis performed by Doctor Robertas Baranskas).


Laminating (veneers) is a minimally invasive denture prosthetic method that can improve the shape or colour of the teeth as well as  harmonising the smile. If you want a whiter, more harmonious smile laminates are the best choice. Using modern ceramics, the restorations can be extremely thin (the minimum invasive laminate thickness is 0.2 mm) and  strongly cemented to the tooth enamel. The durability and strength of the tooth remains unchanged.

During teeth prosthetics with laminates, it is easy to change the colour of the teeth to the desired one. The colour of the laminate does not change throughout your life.

Protezavimas          Minimally invasive laminates – thickness 0.2 mm

The KOA Odontology Clinic specialists believe that a real smile cannot be replicated: it is individual and unique,  amazing and enchanting. It accompanies us in the most important life situations and is enriching and inspiring. KOA calls it ‘natural harmony’.


Teeth prosthetics with laminates are executed with the use of the following methods:

Try on a perfect smile->

SKYN Concept->

Digital Smile Design->

*All the pictures on this webpage are pictures of real KOA clinic clients.

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