Dental straightening with AIRNIVOL mouth-guards

NEW IN LITHUANIA! Orthodontic teeth straightening with mouth-guards without braces!

AIRNIVOL is an orthodontic system allowing the straightening of teeth with transparent mouth-guards. It is designed not only to create an attractive smile, but to also form a correct occlusion.

Braces are glued to the teeth, thus causing discomfort to the patient and an unaesthetic appearance.  Braces are especially disliked by adults, and this is the main reason for refusing orthodontic treatment. Orthodontic treatment using braces often takes longer than planned and its result is unclear. We offer  the AIRNIVOL system at the KOA Dental Clinic – allowing the straightening of teeth with the help of mouth-guards, without braces. You will feel far fewer unpleasant sensations!

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How is teeth straightening with mouth-guards performed?

Firstly, a doctor, certified by AIRNIVOL, will take a dental imprint or scan your oral cavity with an intraoral scanner during a consultation. After this, AIRNIVOL orthodontists will assess whether treatment can be performed with the help of this system and assess one of the three levels of treatment difficulty.

If  treatment is possible, a computer is used to plan the stages and the number of mouth-guards needed. You can see the outcome and the precise duration of treatment if mouth-guards are properly worn on the computer screen, together with your doctor. Visits are scheduled, depending on the complexity of the treatment, during which new mouth-guards are issued and progress is evaluated. With proper mouth-guard wearing, your teeth move towards the intended result in a very efficient way.

Can this type of treatment be applied to anybody?

Teeth straightening with mouth-guards can be implemented regardless of age, when fully grown permanent teeth are present. Not all patients can be treated with the AIRNIVOL system – each case is assessed individually to determine if mouth-guard treatment is applicable. In other cases, traditional braces should be used.

How long does it take to straighten teeth with mouth-guards?

Depending on the complexity, treatment can take from a few to 10-20 months. It has been scientifically proven that with proper wearing of the guard, treatment is often faster than dental brace application, as the teeth move  to the upcoming occlusion according to a precise, computer-generated plan.

Dental mouth-guards AIRNIVOL:

LIGHT  – they are very convenient to wear and use.

INVISIBLE – You will not notice them because they are transparent.

PRACTICAL – You can practice your daily routine.

REMOVABLE – if necessary, you can remove them without compromising the outcome of the treatment.

HYGIENIC – They are easy to clean and do not obstruct dental hygiene.

HARD – Resistant to wear.

GENTLE – Do not irritate  mouth tissue.

TESTED – They are biocompatible and do not cause allergies.

DISCRETE – They do not change the way you talk.


We invite you to attend a free consultation at the KOA Dental Clinic in Vilnius, where a certified AIRNIVOL specialist will evaluate the possibility of straightening your teeth with mouth-guards and will provide more information.


Learn more about the process in the VIDEO   below:



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