Digital smile design

With the constantly improving digital smile recovery technologies in dentistry, dental treatment planning is also transferred to the computer. In order to predict the result of treatment and pursue it purposefully, we need a project. Just like in architecture, we need the drawings of a future project  so that we can ensure a great aesthetic and functional result. Digital Smile Design (DSD) provides us with such an opportunity.




  • DSD is a progressive dental planning method based on planning according to individual facial features. After the static analysis of the face (six photographs of special projections) and after receiving dynamic information (a facial video recording), the shape and position of future teeth are modelled. The shape of the teeth is especially important as it can determine the emotional features of the face (sanguine, melancholic, phlegmatic, choleric) and change them accordingly.
  • DSD is particularly useful for communication between the dentist and the patient, as well as when dental treatment is performed by doctors of different specialties.
  • DSD allows you to plan your expectations and gives you potential to fulfill the plan.
  • DSD allows you to evaluate future dental invasion, and to choose the most appropriate treatment option, minimising damage to existing teeth.

At the KOA Dental Clinic, any dental treatment starts with a consultation, used to collect all information about the current situation in the oral cavity. Traditional and digital prints are taken; a facial image (static information) and a facial video (dynamic information) are recorded. The DSD procedure is implemented – the facial features allow the creation of an ideal contour of the new smile. After this, we can choose the shape of the teeth and the type of teeth restoration.

Services provided at the KOA Dental Clinic with the help of the digital smile design feature (DSD) are:

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