Professional oral hygiene

Professional oral hygiene is a necessary prophylactic procedure to prevent caries and gum disease. During this procedure, the oral hygienist removes not only over-tooth and under-tooth stones, soft and hard plaque, but also returns a natural glow to the teeth. Dental hygiene helps to eliminate bad breath, gum bleeding, inflammation, and tooth sensitivity.

Every patient can find it worthwhile to visit an oral hygienist at least once every six months. The procedure of dental hygiene takes 30-60 minutes. Professional oral hygiene is also recommended prior to the start of odontological treatment: sealing, teeth whitening, oral surgery, implantation, prosthetics, orthodontic and endodontic treatment.

The KOA Dental Clinic performs professional oral hygiene using the following methods:

  • Ultrasonic scaler
  • Hand tools (curette)
  • AIR – FLOW handy 3.0 PLUS
  • Polishing paste

During this procedure, an ultrasound scaler and special hand-held instruments are used to remove teeth stones above and below the gums. We suggest trying the newest plaque removal system, Air-Flow Handy 3.0 Plus Cleanser, to remove plaque accumulated from coffee, tea, and nicotine. We will use air, water and fine granules to easily remove plaque located over and under your teeth and up to  4 mm deep in gum pockets. This completely safe procedure does not damage tooth tissue. Professional oral hygiene is completed with teeth polishing paste.

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Air Flow Handy 3.0 Plus

You will feel a sense of cleanliness in your mouth after completing a professional oral hygiene procedure. You will be advised about individual oral hygiene products. Let professional oral hygiene make you smile!


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