The SKYN DIGITAL concept is an entirely new and innovative way of producing dental restorations: ceramic crowns with no metal, covers or dental laminates. The founder of the concept is Brazilian physician Paulo Kano. He realised that nature is unique and inimitable; it is full of various forms that just need to be copied.  Using the computerised tooth restoration system CEREC,  Paulo Kano copied the shape of the teeth and constructed a particularly beautiful and natural smile. Using this concept, it is possible to obtain natural and unique form restorations: ceramic laminates with no metal, and ceramic crowns with no metal. Meanwhile, when using forms manufactured by dental technicians, the result is always the same due to the sketches used by technicians. It has been proven that a dental technician learns one tooth shape algorithm in 10 years.

The head of the KOA Dental Clinic in Vilnius, Dr Robertas Baranskas, was the first person in Lithuania to apply the SKYN dental restoration methodology. Currently, along with technician Kristijonas Galvanauskas, he performs it digitally, which requires minimal manual work.

The essence of the SKYN DIGITAL concept is to replace future human teeth forms, shaped by human hands, with teeth being scanned – allowing the replication of  the natural morphology of teeth, and the simulation of the future smile on the computer. This makes your smile unique and natural, and no observer will ever be able to tell  that it is artificial. The term that best describes the concept is:  ‘perfection of imperfection’, when dentists try to create a perfectly imperfect smile, – as seen in nature, without ideal symmetry, but appealing to the eye.

Dantų laminatės

Advantages of the SKYN DIGITAL concept:

  • Fast production process – restorations are made over one or several days, while the traditional method of restoration production takes several weeks or months.
  • The highest quality result is obtained (compared to the traditional production process by hand).
  • Milled restorations are stronger than layered because they are milled from a solid block of produced ceramic.
  • The natural result is an unlimited combination of dental forms taken from nature.

SKYN DIGITAL prosthetic stages (everything is done over one or several days):

  1. The initial oral condition is scanned.
  2. A new smile is modelled with the help of a computer – based on individual facial features.
  3. A new smile is mocked up in the mouth; function and aesthetics are assessed.
  4. Teeth are prepared for non-metal ceramic restorations in a minimally invasive way.
  5. Restorations are cemented to teeth.

Dantų laminatės

Dantų laminatės

Dantų laminatės

Clicking on  PLAY VIDEO  will demonstrate the entire SKYN DIGITAL process.

Dantų laminatės

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