SOLO prophylaxis

Our dental clinic carries out the most advanced prophylaxis program, SOLO, which was developed by Swiss and German dentists. This is the most effective measure for dental preservation and oral health prophylaxis. In our clinic, each patient is trained in oral hygiene  and is introduced to a really simple yet incredibly effective SOLO oral prophylaxis program.

Why do teeth get rotten even though you clean them with a toothbrush and toothpaste on a daily basis, maybe also using dental floss and taking other preventive measures?

The reason is the bacteria that is not removed, causing tooth decay and parodontosis. Ninety-five percent of all the bacteria causing diseases accumulates between the teeth, and the rest  in the deep indentations of the molar teeth.

Interdental toothbrushes

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SOLO-STIX interdental brushes effectively remove bacteria. This prevents 70% of all cases of caries and 100% of parodontosis cases. The SOLO brush cleans the smooth tooth surface without resulting in any cleaning defects. The most important thing is to select the correct brush. These brushes differ from the usual brushes of other manufacturers with the numeration of their sizes. They are perfectly adapted to each interdental case individually and are flexible, so it is easy to access the interdental space. The use of SOLO brushes reduces gum bleeding, dental sensitivity, dental rock formation and the risk of losing your teeth. Each patient receives a short colour memo, with the specification of the colour palette of interdental toothbrushes selected for them personally.

Single tooth brush

Vieno danties šepetėlis

Instead of using a conventional toothbrush, we recommend using a SOLO SWING single tooth brush. This brush has a small tapered cone head. It is much better at cleaning areas around molars, which are inaccessible to conventional toothbrushes. It is also successfully used to clean areas around gums without damaging them. Cleaning your teeth in this way will reduce the risk of developing parodontosis, and other teeth or gum diseases, and will keep your teeth healthy and beautiful for a longer period of time.

Is it possible to keep your teeth healthy until you reach old age? We can confidently say  ‘yes’! The future of prophylaxis is SOLO!

Visit the KOA Dental Clinic  and we will help you We will tell you in detail about this program, select the right brushes,  teach you to properly brush your teeth and will enjoy your great results  with you.



Why are SOLO brushes so special? After all, I can buy the same interdental brushes at a pharmacy.

A proper brush size is required for effective teeth cleaning; only SOLO brushes have a wide range of sizes – you can choose the right brush for each interdental area.

Why do you need an oral hygienist to select an interdental brush? I can buy one in a pharmacy myself.

The interdental brush has to be selected by a certified oral hygienist before you have developed the right skills. This ensures  proper cleansing and lack of damage to the gums. When appropriate skills are mastered, patients start to feel that the brush is not too thick or too thin themselves. In addition, professional oral hygiene should be performed at regular intervals, during which the hygienist verifies that the appropriate brushes are being used.

Ingenuity in simplicity!


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