Teeth prosthetics with the CEREC system during one visit

®CEREC (CERamic REConstruction)  is the most advanced computer technology, allowing teeth prosthetics to be implemented during one visit.

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What is special about  ®CEREC technology?

Teeth prosthetic work is usually executed during a couple of visits when it is done in a traditional way. First, the tooth surface is polished down, temporary crowns are made, then the print is collected and the new crown is later created in a laboratory. These procedures take up to a couple of weeks, and sometimes even longer if corrections are needed. With ®CEREC technology- the use of biocompatible materials, corresponding to the hardness of the tooth’s enamel – the prosthetics can be executed with unprecedented accuracy and speed.

Did you know that you weaken the tooth by sealing it?

The hard part of the tooth’s crown is made out of two layers: dentine and enamel. The tooth enamel is an outside layer of the tooth, which has a mineral structure that is four times stronger than the dentine underneath it. Whenever damage to the tooth is recovered by sealing it with composite material, the tooth is weakened since the seal corresponds to the hardness of the dentine. In such a way, the hard enamel of the tooth is exchanged by the soft sealing tissue. This is why whenever 40-50 percent of the tooth’s enamel is lost, prosthetics with ceramic pads or crowns are recommended instead of seals. A tooth crown that has been reconstructed in such a way regains its hardness and can be used for many years to come. Dental prosthetics in the KOA clinic is executed with the help of  ®CEREC technology and during a single visit!

What are the advantages of ®CEREC technology?

  • One visit odontology – you do not need a temporary tooth crown.
  • No traditional teeth prints – which cause many unpleasant sensations (the teeth are scanned with an intraoral camera instead).
  • Special aesthetics – the ceramic crown will correspond to the hardness and the colour of the tooth.
  • No metal is contained in the tooth prosthesis.
  • Tooth restoration, saving the remaining tissues.

How is a dental prosthetic implemented during one visit?

  • During the visit, an overview is carried out and it is assessed whether additional work is required before tooth prosthesis work can begin.
  • If your root canals do not require treatment, the tooth is sanded to facilitate the proper prosthesis/restoration procedure during the same visit.
  • A digital camera is used to scan your teeth – recording the digital imprint of your teeth.
  • The patient is then allowed to rest, while the tooth crown is modelled with the help of a computer and then is milled from a hard ceramic of the same colour as the tooth.
  • The produced crown is then attached in the mouth with a special material and becomes a part of the damaged tooth.

You can chew immediately after the procedure after the anesthesia wears off. The duration of the visit for the prosthesis of a single tooth is two hours.


Therefore, by using  ®CEREC technology you will save time, you will experience a lot less unpleasant sensations in the odontologists chair and you will be able to enjoy an aesthetically pleasing and hard restoration for many years to come.

Architect of the work: Dr. Robertas Baranskas teaches courses and reads lectures on digital odontology and is one of the most experienced specialists.

Teeth prosthesis with CEREC technology can be applied to molar and front teeth. You can see the process of restoring front teeth with the CEREC system on the VIDEO below.

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