Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is a widespread aesthetic dentistry procedure that allows you to enjoy a brilliant white smile. Materials that are most commonly used during this procedure are hydrogen peroxide and carbamate peroxide, which decompose into water and active oxygen during the whitening procedure. These preparations are safe, effective, long-lasting and, most importantly, they do not harm tooth enamel. It is very important to inspect the oral cavity, gums, and teeth, to evaluate if there are any reasons why whitening is not possible before proceeding with this procedure. Professional oral hygiene should be performed a week prior to the whitening procedure.

Teeth whitening is executed in two ways: in the cabinet (using a helium lamp and a laser) and at home (using mouth-guards):

Teeth whitening in the cabinet

In the KOA Dental Clinic, teeth whitening is performed with Opalescence Boost PF 40% (active substance – hydrogen peroxide), which reaches the deep layers of the tooth and whitens them. This measure does not require lighting to activate the bleaching gel, so teeth do not dehydrate and there is a significantly lower increase in teeth sensitivity when compared with whitening methods that need to be activated by light.

When performing the teeth whitening procedure, the teeth colour is determined first using the VITA colour scale. After this, the gums are covered with protective material and then the whitening agent is applied to the teeth. Tooth whitening gel is applied twice in 20 minutes during a single visit. This method of teeth whitening is superior to others in that the result is achieved quickly and efficiently. After the session the teeth become brighter,  but to achieve the best result there might be a need to repeat the procedure once or twice more.

How to take care of a whiter smile after a teeth-whitening procedure

It is advisable not to drink coffee or tea, refrain from smoking, drinking red wine and other colouring foods and beverages during the first 24 hours after whitening.  In addition, it is recommended to avoid coloured mouthwashes, toothpastes and other coloured oral care products after the whitening procedure.

When is teeth whitening not recommended?

  • Wearing tooth braces.
  • For people who are allergic to peroxide or other substances in the whitening gel.
  • For people who suffer from gum disease, with caries-damaged teeth, teeth with severe wear or sensitive teeth.
  • For children and adolescents under the age of 18. Teeth whitening can disrupt the formation of enamel, since tooth enamel has not completely formed at a younger age.
  • For pregnant and nursing women.

Teeth whitening with mouth-guards at home

The patient is given individually produced teeth whitening mouth-guards, which they are required to fill with  whitening agent  before teeth whitening. Produced mouth-guards with bleaching agent should be worn by the patient for 10-14 nights, and the bleaching time depends on the initial colour of teeth and the strength of the substance used. Mouth-guards are made of elastic material, which does not cause many unpleasant sensations.

VIDEO of the procedure


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